Introducing Steve Garratt – Software Engineer

Hi! My name is Steve Garratt. I’m a software engineer with a varied experience base accumulated over many years. I have been involved in the design and development process at all levels including the highest technical post within a multi-national company. I believe that my experience of a wide range of projects and job roles gives me a unique perspective on the design and development process.

I now focus my efforts on developing software based products. I’m passionate about software engineering and I undertake a wide variety of projects utilizing many platforms and languages.  I enjoy projects that complement and add to my experience and I have found that most new projects do just that.

Over the coming weeks and months I intend to document some of my past and present projects here in addition to giving you some insights from my own experience where I think they might be useful. If you have a project that I might be able to help you with please download my CV or resume and contact me. I would be very pleased to hear from you.